The Quiet Girl

***You know you are a writer or meant to be one when the first thing you do when you get home for Spring Break is write.  While most people put aside their pens and paper and trade them for a beach towel or fluffy pillows, here I go and start clicking away at the keys.  And no I’m not talking about Facebook. 🙂  With a slight look of distraction in my eyes, I guess you could call this my little addiction.  So, in light of some time off, I’ll stick with this growing passion that is paving my path more each day.  As I messily pour out all that is most precious to me, may this simply be a much needed time of reflection as my heart is emptied and filled with the Lord’s faithfulness.***

Dear Quiet Girl,

You have come a long way.

A loooong way…

A narrow, winding road, this journey towards finding and discovering and receiving and believing and living truth.

Truth.  The one thing that Jesus said would set you free.  That has seemed foreign.  Impossible.  Uncomfortable.  A process, filled with many times of feeling like quitting: turning around, packing up the bags, and going home. To…Egypt.  It’s comfortable sometimes to be bound.  It’s predictable. And safe…

Bound for you took a very defined shape.  The mirror became your enemy.  And the very necessities of life were despised.  Rejected.  Just as you felt, always walking down crowded hallways carrying an armful of books with eyes glued to the floor.  Why meet the eyes others who only mock and judge and criticize and tell you all the things you should be or shouldn’t be and always how you fall short.  While the potential and possibilities given by the Creator waiting to be developed, the voice longing to be heard, were sadly only wasting away and…silenced.

But, God.  BUT GOD!

In Christ, all things are possible.  In Christ, the old is made new, the broken is restored, the lost is found, the dark turns into marvelous light, the dead, dying, decaying of a life wasting away in empty stomachs and meals flushed away over and over and over like a helpless mouse spinning its wheel but never getting anywhere, now is conquered, overcome, let go of, thrown out so that life and hope and healing are made possible.  Possible!  In Christ.  In Christ.

For you.  For you, quiet girl.

You know this.  Yes, you know.

Endless perscriptions and medical bills and appointments and hideous blue hospital gowns and diplomas plastered on walls and lies upon lies piling up like heaps of garbage and you wonder if there is any hope for you.  Yes, you knew those things too.  Knew.  But now, you know something more, something real, something life changing.  A heart transfromed.  One right choice.  And another.  And another.  And another.  Constantly.  Consistently.  And that doesn’t come in pill form.

So reflect today, quiet girl.  The Lord has been faithful to you.  And the day will come when you won’t be so quiet anymore.

A Sister

Choose Truth

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