How to Be Stable In Unstable Times: The Power of Words

I recently had the opportunity to receive Nancy Alcorn’s new book, Mission of Mercy.  It has proved to not only be a timely reminder of all that the Lord did in my life while at Mercy Ministries, but also an encouragement of all that He has planned for me in the future.  I am also grateful for Nancy’s courage to share many vulnerable details from her own story regarding grief and loss, in light of having recently experienced this myself.  Here is a little present-day reminder for this month regarding the power of words. 

My truth statements make their home next to my bed.



Three tattered pages of truth taken from God’s Word and applied personally to my life in specific areas.

All areas.

For true intimacy with God leaves no area untouched and no struggle, pain, or life hurt unexposed to the healing found in His Word.

These were scribbled in my thick, pink notebook that I carried with me through the halls of Mercy Ministries, a home built upon not just knowing but applying truth into every area of life: physical, emotional, and spiritual, recognizing that all are connected and that the health of all are of utmost importance to the Lord.

All areas exposed in a place that is safe.

Where truth isn’t just known but lived and breathed and spoken, there is safety,

Healing in the innermost places of our hearts,

And a foundation to remain stable upon even during the most unsettling of times.



Where truth lives and abides and makes its home, there lies the freedom to be honest and real and vulnerable, peeling back any outer layers of lies that leave us hiding beneath shells of behaviors that are not who we are in Christ.

I continue to hold them close, for the need for truth doesn’t end after a six-month program, but is a continual, lifelong pursuit of the One who is the truth.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life…” John 14:6

Because truth isn’t a temporary fix that eventually fades, but is rather the permanent and abiding presence of a Savior who can never leave and never forsake.

And the Truth, He brings unending comfort,

Abundant peace,

Stability for my soul,

And hope for my future.


I am not in this world all alone.  God is my refuge and strength, my very present help in times of trouble and need.  God will not in any way fail me nor give me up nor leave me without support.  He will never, ever, ever leave me helpless or let me down.

I do not have to plan every day of my life, but can rest in the truth that God knows the plans that He has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope, peace, and a future.  Therefore I will seek first the kingdom of God and not worry or be anxious about my life.

I am important to God.  He has the very hairs on my head all numbered, caring about all the details of my life.  He made me in His image and values me more than all the rest of His creation.

For truth never leaves, never dies, never abandons, and never fades.  Ever.

And making truth our home, and not mere mortar and brick, leaves us free to move into new seasons, free to live by faith.

“Sky and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” –Matthew 24:35

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