Why Support Mercy Ministries on Giving Tuesday?

I know it feels like every noteworthy and charitable organization asks for money during the holidays.  I find myself ignoring advertisements begging for money.  Therefore, I am hesitant to write an article titled “Why Support Mercy Ministries on Giving Tuesday”.  I fear you may think I am begging you to give money to Mercy.  I understand that articles written in such manner quickly become stale and shallow.  The last thing you want is to feel bombarded by another organization crying for money.

So why should you support Mercy Ministries?  I’ll share three reasons why, including their difference in principle and worldview, their God-centered ministry, and their active involvement in saving lives.

Mercy was founded by Nancy Alcorn in 1983 with one purpose in mind: to see restoration in the lives of hurting young women.  The vision was born after witnessing the failing results of the world’s attempts to treat these girls.  Mercy takes in girls struggling with any issue, including addictions, self-harm, eating disorders, depression and suicide, abuse, unplanned pregnancy, and even those rescued from sex trafficking.  The goal is simple: to see lives transformed and hope restored.

The majority of girls walking through the doors of Mercy have already walked through the doors of other treatment centers.  Mercy is usually not the first place a hurting girl finds herself.  Many residents at Mercy have been kicked out of hospitals because their insurance ran out.  Or they were turned away by other facilities because they cannot afford thousands of dollars of treatment:

Treatment that only slaps girls with prescriptions to fill and tells them they will never be capable of living a normal, healthy life. 

However, Mercy Ministries is different.  What sets Mercy apart is Christ.  And at Mercy girls are not treated but transformed

First, Mercy is free.  Women come voluntarily free of charge.  Second, Mercy receives no financial help that would hinder teaching Christ.  They are not government funded.  Third, Mercy gives back to their community.  Ten percent of proceeds to Mercy pump back into the local community.

Mercy is a God-centered alternative to secular treatment facilities.  Many girls enter Mercy exhausted and hopeless, medicated yet still bound to their issues.  Many have lost the will to live, because other treatment centers tell them healing is impossible.  They feel broken by abuse and destructive lifestyles.  If they are taught another coping mechanism they will scream.

Experts love to diagnose eternal sickness and struggle.  But Mercy teaches Christ overcame our sickness and struggles.  Mercy is a Christ-centered ministry that believes every girl can be healed.  They address every aspect of life: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  They offer a variety of life skills training, biblical counseling, and food and fitness training.  They believe in addressing the roots behind the issues girls struggle with and not merely symptoms.  Why?

Because it isn’t about behavior modification but about heart transformation. 

No amount of treatment is ever enough.  But Jesus turns treatment into transformation.  And that transformation is permanent and is saving lives.

Graduates once told that they would be sick for the rest of their lives go on to graduate college, complete missions work overseas, and get married and start families.  I once lay in a hospital bed wasting away from an eating disorder, fluids being pumped into my frail arms, doctors staring hopelessly at me.  But now I am a college student living a healthy life because of Mercy Ministries.

What made the difference?  At Mercy I was not treated.  I was transformed.  What is the answer to issues?  Knowing Jesus and pursuing a lifelong relationship with Him.

At Mercy destinies are reversed.  I had no idea my life was about to change when I got to Mercy and sat hopelessly on the lobby couch.  I came in with a destiny of death and despair but walked out with a destiny of life and hope.  It is this same hope that surrounds the holiday season for believers in Jesus.  And you giving to Mercy Ministries are a tangible way to extend that hope to a girl in need, a girl like me.

For more information about supporting Mercy on Giving Tuesday, feel free to click here:


Or if you are in need of help or know a girl who does, free Mercy resources, including the link to the application, can be found here:

need help

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