Beauty from Broken Places: Latest Issue of Brevity

The literary journal Brevity‘s latest issue (Issue 48/Winter 2015) of nonfiction essays includes pieces by writers Heather Sellers (“Fun for Everyone Involved”) and Jennifer Sinor (“One Hundred Days in India”).

Sellers’ essay explores poverty and familial relations within the context of a father and his daughter.  She heightens the tension within her essay by writing from the young girl’s perspective.  “My father said I could not ever move out. / I slept in a brown velour chair that tilted back.  Not a bed.  I had to move out.”  These are powerful lines begging for light to shine in the dark places.

Likewise Sinor’s essay also explores poverty within the context of India.  Her essay reaches a valid conclusion when she asks for the sins of “inattention” and “apathy” to be removed as she passes by beggars in the dusty streets.

Perhaps both of these essays challenge readers to be more attentive to the poverty that surrounds, longing for the empty places to be filled by something greater.  Or rather Someone who is greater and who can redeem any broken place.


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