Narrative Unfolding: Jesus Girls Tell Their Stories

Hannah Faith Notess is the editor of Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical.  This book contains a compilation of personal narratives from women growing up in evangelical culture.  The book ultimately seeks to redefine how evangelicals tell their stories, or testimonies.

Notess herself, a contributor in the book, writes that her hope is for people of faith “to reconsider how they tell their own stories, whether their lives fit a before-and-after pattern, or whether their lives are an unfolding narrative whose arc is only beginning to take shape” (xiv).

The greatest strength in this idea is acknowledging that our stories are still “unfolding.”  If someone has not reached the “after” part of their story, there is hope knowing that there is still more to be written.  We are only in the middle; we have not yet reached the end.


To find out more about Jesus Girls, click here.

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