Acquiring A Vocabulary of Faith: NYT Bestseller from Kathleen Norris

Kathleen NorrisNew York Times Bestselling book Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith details her return to Christian faith after being distracted by the language of Christianity.  Admitting her hesitance towards words like “judgment,” “salvation,” and “sinner” among others, she writes of her journey of coming to grips with the spiritual roots of these words, offering a rich perspective of how to “embrace ancient traditions and find faith in the contemporary world” (from back cover).

Norris’ work encompasses the greater idea that language is powerful, a human venture that “begins with the ear and the tongue and reaches for the stars” (9).  All language seems inadequate to describe what is often indescribable, but as Norris says, “Language used truly, not mere talk…has real power” (9).  This book challenges both those of faith and those not to dig deeper into spiritual language by sharing  personal experiences from her own journey with language and faith.

For more information about Amazing Grace, click here.

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