Butter or Margarine?: Nonfiction from Paula Carter

Freelance writer Paula Carter‘s nonfiction piece “Margarine: A Public and Personal History” delves into the classic condiment controversy between butter and margarine. The piece is written in short vignettes weaving together margarine history with her personal experience.

Ultimately what her piece gets at is the idea of desiring good health in the foods we eat and our often distorted perspective as the opinions of food critics constantly changes. Carter writes, “…whatever we choose to eat, it feels like we do so on faith. Guidelines seem tenuous. Rules are broken. We decide for ourselves what is good and what is not, and then defend our choice with a serrated barbecue spatula if needed.”

Her piece ends with a nice image of her mother, hand on hip cooking dinner, thinking she is doing what is best for her family, with “the margarine already on the table.”

To read Paula Carter’s nonfiction piece, click here.


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